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Lambchop Debuts New Video on Slate

[ 16 ] April 11, 2012 |


Back in February, when the new Lambchop album, Mr. M, arrived, we recommended 10 essential tunes for those new to their one-of-a-kind catalog, which combines old-fashioned country with musique concrète, among many other styles and influences.

This week, Kurt Wagner and company sent us the brand new video for one of the loveliest songs on the new album, “2B2.” The title, which is repeated in the song as a kind of very brief chorus, evokes text-speak; Wagner declined to share the “specific or greater meaning” of the phrase, though he allowed that there was one, and suggested that “perhaps there is still time” for it “to become part of the texting lexicon.”

The proverb-like lines in the closing verse (“One man cooks with powder / The other cooks with stones”) refer to a conversation Wagner had with founding bandmate Jonathan Marx. “We were talking on the phone and we discovered we were both cooking chickpeas,” he said. “The lyrics are a basic chronicle of events surrounding a specific evening when I came to an understanding. Some might call this a revelation, I just call it a relief.”

You can watch the video below. The gorgeous guitar Wagner is playing throughout is a 1940s Gibson L7, by the way, which Wagner says he’s had “since about 1995.”

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  2. JF says:


  3. Shelane Donoghue says:

    Where is Lambchop playing over the summer months? My husband and I live in Toronto. We’d love to travel to hear them in person. We can’t get enough.

  4. alexandru says:

    Hi, i am a fan from Romania, i recently discovered your songs while traveling, much inspiring, the universal appeal and particular sensibility make your songs resonate with myself.
    I waited for a long time to hear something like this!
    it is also an inspiration about what you can do with or within a place that seams limited or has limited resources and yet bring something to the world that has an echo and enriches everyone’s lives.

  5. peter atanas mintscheff says:

    thank you for your great concert in graz , austria nov. 19th , 2012. i knew many of lampchop`s recordings for years , but was thrilled and enchanted by the bands subtle live performance.


  6. “2B2″ é uma bela canção. Obrigado pelo vídeo!

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