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Category: The L Club

Oupa 7" Cover Drawing
[ 0 ] February 12, 2012

Download This Now: Oupa & Tony Crow, “Backwards” (Porcelain Draft Cover)

H/T “Available now in a 300-copy, hand-stamped run through Boiled Egg is “Backwords,” a Porcelain Raft cover by Oupa (aka Yuck’s Daniel Blumberg) and Tony Crow of Lambchop. Grab it below, or pick up the physical 7” now, featuring an untitled Oupa track on the flip…”  

Sebastian Speaks Logo
[ 0 ] June 28, 2011

Sebastian Speaks Releases Kort Vinyl

William Tyler’s Nashville-based label Sebastian Speaks has released the vinyl of Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell Present Kort. About Sebastian Speaks: Sebastian Speaks is a Nashville-based label dedicated to unearthing unusual audio and video documents, curious written material, homemade music, reissues of records we like, and providing a web-based archive of articles on a myriad […]

Hands Off Cuba
[ 0 ] October 4, 2010

Hands Off Cuba Video

Hands Off Cuba, a band composed mostly of incredibly talented instrumentalists who play with Lambchop and/or Cortney Tidwell have a video for their song “Defribilator.” It was directed by Hands Off Cuban Ben Marcantel with assistance from Ryan Norris, and it looks great. Get the tunes here… H/T: The Nashville Scene’s Nashville Cream