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Category: Press & Reviews

Mr. M Cover art
[ 2 ] March 10, 2012

REVIEW: Mr. M (SPIN Magazine)

That would be Lambchop, still one of the most wonderfully strange bands in the universe after close to 20 years. In their hands, life is a cabaret, ol’ chum — and the sensibility is decidedly Down With People. Not that Wagner and company are misanthropic; they’re just keen observers of the barfly side of the human condition, with all its attendant follies and foibles. One song here is called “Nice Without Mercy,” which pretty much sums it up.

Lambchop live at MergeXX
[ 0 ] February 12, 2012

REVIEW: PreFix Mag

Twitter: @prefixmag We reviewed ‘Mr. M’ by Lambchop (@lambchopisaband) for @MergeRecords and it’s one of our highest scores of 2012 so far.

Kurt Wagner Playing the Guitar
[ 0 ] February 12, 2012

INTERVIEW: Kurt Wagner on Lambchop, Nashville – and being seen as a redneck (The Guardian)

By Michael Hann (The Guardian) Kurt Wagner likes the backroads. It drives his wife mad, he says, as we pootle through the suburbs of Nashville in his battered Toyota pickup (a stick shift; they’re much cheaper secondhand) – she just wants him to go from A to B along the most direct roads. Thing is, […]