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UNCUT - Album Of the Month
[ 0 ] November 1, 2016

UNCUT – Album Of the Month

“Kurt Wagner reprogrammes the mighty Lambchop” Review + Interview and worth mentioning that Kurt curated this month’s free CD, which acts like a kind of primer to FLOTUS’ influences. UNCUT Lambchop Flotus Reviewed "abgehoert - neue - musik"
[ 0 ] November 1, 2016 “abgehoert – neue – musik”

“Mit “Flotus”, ihrem elften Album, legen sich Lambchop eine völlig neue Klangsignatur zu” abgehoert-neue-musik Lambchop – “Flotus” (City Slang, ab 4. November) Mal im Ernst: Wer hat von einer Lambchop-Platte noch wirklich Neues erwartet? Elegantes Songwriting, klar. Dass sie mal angejazzte Klavierparts, mal soulige Harmonien eingemeinden, das auch. Ansonsten hat die Band um den […]

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[ 0 ] November 1, 2016


“The stalwart and defiantly odd Nashville band Lambchop’s latest reinvention finds them embracing a Vocoder-drenched, largely electronic sound. It is as lush and gorgeous as any of their past work.” the whole thing Lambchop – Flotus – 8.0 Sam Sodomsky Over the course of Lambchop’s two decade-plus career, they have been remarkably consistent. Even with their various lineup shifts, there […]